First Installation-Electrical Rough In

First Installation-Electrical Rough In

About a week after my building was set up, it was time for electrical rough in. As I said in my about page I was lucky enough to have family members who could help me out. This one being my son-in-law’s dad. Hes an electrician and plumber.

The supplies that I ordered ahead of time to complete this phase:

About a couple months before I ordered my building, I ordered my breaker panel from Amazon. and my Romex electrical wire too The remaining supplies such as outlet and switch boxes I bought from

Now mind you, I live in southeast Texas and it’s the middle of May. It’s beginning to get a little warm outside. I opened the windows on one end of my building and the door on the other to allow for a cross breeze. Up until the sun started beating down on the roof we were OK. I eventually had to go purchase a good size fan to at least make it bearable inside.

Electrical rough in - Breaker panel Installed
Breaker box installed
Electrical rough in-some of the wiring installed
Some of the wiring

We walked my building marking where each outlet and switch were to go. In the meantime I grabbed another family member; my son in law. He built the wall that would separate my kitchen and bathroom area. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the wall that created the bathroom, but there is one lol. I apologize for that. In all my excitement I just plain forgot.

Electrical rough in - wall separating the kitchen and bathroom
First wall built

I was so excited about my electricity going in because this meant that my air conditioning unit was next to be installed!! Woohoo!! Then I could put the insulation back up. I got ahead of myself and so excited that I put in the insulation before any electrical was installed. Silly me. Now I would be able to work in there in comfort. I was on my way !! 😄

Ready for the next phase?


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