Comfort Zone – Tiny House Insulation

Comfort Zone – Tiny House Insulation

The oops before the tiny house insulation.

Once I had my electric installed, it was time for the tiny house insulation to go in. That pile of insulation in the picture is what I took out. I got overly excited. I started putting it in before my electric was even started. So I had to take it all out. Luckily I hadn’t gone very far with it. It was pretty fast putting it back in.

North wall - Tiny House Insulation
Pile of insulation I had to take out lol.
South end
Other pile of insulation in the corner

Now the insulation can be re-installed

With the electric being finished, the insulation could be re-installed.

West wall - Tiny House Insulation
Sadie supervising lol

That’s one of my dogs. Her name is Sadie. She was by my side the whole time.

North and west wall
Moving right along

That’s my little munchkin Cricket. She was constantly trying to make a nest to lay in the insulation. She’s a little stinker.

Kitchen area
Kitchen area

That there is my kitchen area and Sadie again lol.

Living Area
Entire wall done!

My living room area. For added space, I will hang the TV on the wall.

Ceiling finished

This is my gambrel ceiling. 12 ft. tall.

Jacob helping install Tiny House Insulation in the loft
My helper

My oldest grandson giving grandma a hand at installing the insulation. He had asked me if he could try. He’d been watching me. So I figured why not. I told him just don’t staple your finger to it. Your mother would kill me lol.

Before I ordered my building, I began buying insulation when my budget would allow. I bought all my insulation from (my favorite store next to Hobby Lobby) My shed was stuffed with insulation rolls by the time my building was delivered lol. More space afterwards for more materials!!

Now that all the insulation was in, it was time to kick on the A/C unit and get this building cooled down!

On to the next post.

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