Water Works

Water Works

My plumbing had a little set back from the start. The person that was suppose to install it had health issues and couldn’t do the job. So I was left with all the materials to have it installed but no one to do it. I was at a standstill.

A few months down the road I met a new co-worker who had a friend that was a general contractor. After getting aquainted with her, she asked him if he would at least get my plumbing roughed in so I could continue with the drywall, etc.

We set up a day that all our schedules matched and they came out to the house and got my plumbing at least that far.

Bathroom water lines for shower

This is the lines coming in for my shower stall.

Plumbing for bathroom sink

This is the drain for the bathroom sink.

Water lines coming into the house in kitchen

This where the water comes into my house and for the kitchen sink.

Tankless water heater hookup

And last but not least, this is for my tankless water heater.

By now I’m guessing you’re probably wondering what I did for water. Well, luckily I’m right in my daughter’s backyard. I kept water in my house in gallon jugs and for other purposes, I would shower, etc., in her house. Yes, it was a pain for a while but, for me, it was worth it.

About 2 years, yes that’s right, 2 years later, during the beginning of the pandemic, a friend of my oldest grandson, happen to be here and asked me what it was I needed to have done with my plumbing. I told him. He then told me he could do it. I know my mouth dropped and hit the ground when he said that. I said, “Wait, you know how to do plumbing?” He said, ” Yes. My grandfather taught me.” I was dancing a jig all over the yard lol. I’m sure anyone who saw me thought I had lost my marbles.

So I grabbed my oldest grandson and we proceeded to dig the trench going from my daughter’s house to mine to lay the PVC pipe. Remember, I already had all the materials stored under my house for when this day came.

Thankfully the weather cooperated and was decent for digging a trench. I even pitched in as much as my back would allow lol. One of them started at my daughter’s house and the other at mine. Surprisingly they met in the middle in a straight line lol. I dug out the pipes and hosed them out to get as much of the dirt out as I possibly could. The he started gluing pieces together and dropping them in the trench. I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. My water was finally being hooked up to my house!!

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