DVD Crates-A Project for the DIYer

DVD Crates-A Project for the DIYer

As those who are currently living in a tiny house know, storage and space are two things that have to be decided on when making the decision to go tiny. Here is a project for the diyer

Several years ago I started collecting DVD’s of my grandsons favorite movies, and mine as well, to watch when they would come over to visit me. This was way before I made the leap to go tiny. My collection grew and at the time I had a stand that sat next to my TV for all the DVD’s. When I decided to go tiny I realized I had to come up with some other way of storing them for ease of access and get rid of the floor stand.

A New Design Was Born-Project for the DIYER!

Well since the majority of my tiny house’s decor is farmhouse style, I had thought of maybe using a couple of crates and staining them. Great idea huh? Well when it came to finding the right size I needed, it was nowhere to be be found. I checked Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc. No such size. They were either way too big or way too small. So I designed my own. It was simple really. I just measured the case a DVD was in and viola!! I had the measurements I needed to come up with a design.

With that in hand, I checked out the various sizes of pine boards at Then I decided on a height size for the crate. Mine are 24 inches tall. Plenty of room to add more.

All it took was a 6 ft. pine board and 8-24 inch pieces of balsa wood for the sides. Easy peasy.

I’m sorry I don’t pictures of this project during the process, but I promise it’s really easy to do by just using the DVD case itself.

Once they were complete I stained them a dark walnut and spray lacquered them in satin. Once up on my wall, I was able to get rid of the cheap plastic stand!! Hooray!! More floor space!

A project for the diyer
Front of DVD Crate
side view of the project for the diyer
Side of DVD Crate

If you have any questions about this project, please, feel free to contact me from my contact page. I’m always happy to help!

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