Drywall Beginning-Tiny Walls Going up

Drywall Beginning-Tiny Walls Going up

Woohoo!! Tiny walls going up. But first I’m just going to fill you in on the fact that I had a very limited budget and even more limited storage space. So my drywall was done in stages. For this stage I purchased my drywall at

Tiny Walls Going Up

I wanted to start in my kitchen since that room is always the biggest project in any home. And yes, once again I had my oldest grandson, Jacob as my helper. Before setting off on this endeavor, I did a lot of research on YouTube and Pinterest on how to go about doing as I had never done drywall before in my life. I also asked my daughter and son-in-law questions too. So with having a weekend off, I commandeered my grandson and we set off on the adventure.

Tiny walls going up. First piece of drywall
First piece of drywall hung!!

That’s my helper checking out the box of drywall screws. Excuse my oops with the switch hole being waaayyy too big. I was just a tad off lol!

Tiny walls going up. First wall done
Second piece

Putting up the second sheet was a bit easier. We were on our way! We took a little break and did the opposite wall.

Second wall finished
Opposite wall
Final wall complete
Back wall

I did a little bit better this time for the outlets and switches lol. Next we did the back wall with the other window and more water pipes. My kitchen area was done as far as the drywall was concerned.

The next day I spent the day putting my so called kitchen back together. It consisted of two folding tables put in the corner and one table that I made only 24 inches tall for extra storage underneath. Hey, it worked for me at the time. This is only part one of the drywall. The drywall wasn’t all done at the same time due to budget and storage. I will continue the remaining drywall in other posts. So stay tuned!!

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