Drywall Continued

Drywall Continued

The next part of my house to be drywalled was the living room area. This area was 12×16 so it was going to take a few sheets for this and another helper. Jacob asked one of his best friends to come over and help out. So we had kind of like a team going here. I would do the measuring and cutting and they would put it up and install it. It worked out pretty well.

Sadie taking a break from supervising
Wall leading to the bathroom

We also included starting the drywall in the bathroom. We left the wall with the started plumbing alone until my shower was ready to be installed.

Bathroom storage

While strolling through Pinterest looking for ideas for storage, I came across the idea of using the empty space between the studs. I just inserted 2×4’s to create the top and bottom of my space and viola!! Extra storage and money saver. I didn’t have to buy a medicine cabinet to go on that wall.

So from that point until the pandemic hit, that’s where I stood with installing drywall. But I had enough to do with mudding all the seams and fixing the boo boos. I was off to good start!!


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