Kitchen Beginning

Kitchen Beginning

I had managed to save up a few bucks and my daughter and I had the same days off so we did some bargain hunting for my kitchen. I still needed cabinets, a sink, etc. I found on Facebook Marketplace one of my cabinets for a steal of $40. Good thing my son-in-law has a truck.

We went to go pick it up and decided on our way back to stop at the Restore Habitat for Humanity. JACKPOT!!! They were having a 50% off everything sale. So we wandered the store. Like I said, thank God my son-in-law has a truck. We walked out there and filled the entire bed of the truck and some of the backseat with all the goodies we found.

My mother taught me years ago to always carry a tape measure with because you never know when you might need one. Well luckily I had one on my key chain. I had found this stainless steel sink but I wasn’t sure if it would fit in the cabinet I was going to be installing. Lo and behold it was the perfect size. Price tag was $25 but with the sale, I got it for $12.50. A real steal!! Into the cart it went.

Onto the cabinets. I had found two cabinets with no doors that would work perfectly because I had decided to do open shelving in my kitchen to cut down on costs. Another steal!! Then I found a smaller cabinet that would work in my bathroom, $5. I also got all my hardware so it would all match throughout my house. $3 a bag.

I walked out of that store spending less than $100 and just about completed my list of everything I needed to finish out my kitchen outside of the cabinets I had already picked out. I was so excited.


On the right side of the picture are the cabinets I bought. The darker one I bought from a private party and the other two from The Restore.

Remaining cabinets

Here is all my cabinets. I had decided on a corner cabinet so I could look outside at nature while doing my dishes and what not.

Kitchen sink

This is my sink that my little Cricket decided was her bed for the day lol. Also discovered that the sink was an undermount style. Perfect!! Not a bad find for $12.50!!

Repurposed bathroom storage

I know this has nothing to do with my kitchen, but this is the other little cabinet I bought for my bathroom. I just gave a face lift.

You’re probably wondering about the countertop. Well that’s another post and project. To give you a hint, I made it myself.

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