My Kind of Counter top

My Kind of Counter top

When it came time to figure out what kind of counter top I wanted, there were tons of ideas and designs to choose from. But being on a tight budget like I was I had to be real careful in my choosing. So I decided to go through Pinterest once again to see what peaked my interest and grabbed my attention.

I fell in love with Farmhouse Style after watching many episodes of Fixer Upper. I love Joanna Gaines sense of style. So I came to the conclusion of what I wanted; a wood counter top stained in a dark walnut.

I scrolled for months through different pins showing wood counter tops like I was imagining. They were all gorgeous. But there was something missing and couldn’t quite put my finger on it. So I pondered some more. I went onto the Home Depot app and looked at the different types of wood that were suitable for making into a counter top.

After months of searching and contemplating I finally came up with it. I chose the tongue and groove boards. So I took all my measurements and sat down and figured up just how many boards it was going to take.

Beginning of counter top

So here’s what I did. My counter top is 24 inches from front to back. Each board is 6 inches wide. I glued and clamped 5 boards together. They were clamped to dry for 24 hours. Now unfortunately my clamps are only 24 inches so I had to lay the last board onto the top of the cabinet, add glue, then bring the other 4 pieces that I glued onto the top of the cabinet and push them together. I know it looks a little odd in the picture. But, if you look where the two odd boards are, I have a corner cabinet. You will see what I mean in the next picture.

Counter top cut to shape

There is the finished design of my counter top. I love it. But I didn’t stop there. The next thing that had to be done was the hole cut for my under-mount sink.

My grandson, Jacob, came up with this idea of how to get the hole drawn out in order to cut it. We turned the sink upside down exactly where it was to go and he put his hand through the drain hole and traced around the outer rim of the sink. And it worked.

Sink hole cut

I was absolutely in love with how this was turning out!!

Next was the staining part. Lucky for me I could sand it in the house because my sander had a little bag on it to catch the dust; well for the most part. But that was ok. By this point I was used to living in a dusty house from all the construction.

So I opened my windows and sanded away. There really wasn’t too much to sand. The wood was pretty smooth and ready to be stained. I taped the walls off so I wouldn’t get any stain on them and began staining the counter top. I did 3 coats to get that rich dark walnut color. I am so in love with how it came out.

Counter top stained

And that is how I came up with my counter top. Now I suppose you are wondering how I am going to deal with all those grooves and crumbs and what not. Well that my friends is for another project post. Until next time have a great day!


  1. You`re going to deal with them carefully and just fine! Because it`s your creation and you`ll definitely figure everything out if something goes wrong )
    Sending you DIY creative Love,
    xo )

    1. Absolutely! I’ll be doing a post on it on my blog. Sign up for my Newsletter so you get notified when I post it. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I love the look seeing as I have a cornered nook area reserved for a kitchen. If itโ€™s not too much to ask can you send me everything that you used and did to get this look.

    1. Give me some time on this and I will do a whole post about it on my blog. Sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss out on any new ones. Make sure you confirm your subscription.

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