Kitchen Design – Tiny House Kitchen

Kitchen Design – Tiny House Kitchen

When I was designing how I wanted my tiny house kitchen, I didn’t have a whole lot of room for cabinets. My kitchen area is 8ft deep by 6 1/2ft wide. Not much room. An advantage I have is it is just myself so I didn’t have to consider room for anybody else.

I knew I wanted corner windows; one on each wall so I could look outside at nature while prepping a meal or doing my dishes. So a corner sink base was where it all started!

When I was designing my kitchen, my building hadn’t even been ordered yet. I just knew how big it was going to be; 12×24. I also had to take into consideration that the inside dimensions were going to be different than the outside. Thank goodness I took an interior decorating class in high school and watched and learned from my parents when they were designing a build in their home.

At the time I really had nothing but time on my hands as I had moved in with my daughter so I could save up money for the major installs; electric and plumbing. So on my days off from work all I did was draw up plans using graph paper and a pencil. Good thing when I would look up different cabinets it also included the measurements. That helped a lot.

Once I had a design on one sheet, I then enlarged it to a bigger scale. Made it more readable.

You may think I’m crazy but, when my building had the electricity in and my AC installed and working, I moved in. Now here is my reason for that. I could sort of set up things the way I wanted and get a feel to see if that was going to work.

In my kitchen I took 2 folding tables, one a 6ft and the other a 4ft and put them under the windows to mimic how my cabinets would be. It also showed me that I had to come up with some storage ideas for food that would mold into the design I had in mind.

Tiny house kitchen - temporary
Make shift kitchen

This was my kitchen for quite a while but, I made it work. I quickly realized I need more storage for the time being too. So I grabbed a piece of 3/4 inch particle board and some 1 1/2-inch square dowels and created a table for underneath one of the tables. It gave me room on top of the table and under it. Mission accomplished, temporarily anyway.

In the beginning I had cabinets on the walls as well. But I later decided against it because it would just feel too closed in. So I opted with open shelving in a way. I had found two cabinets that had no doors on them which I purchased from and stacked them on top of each other and screwed them together to create one tall cabinet, hence open shelving!

Tiny house kitchen open shelving
Open Shelving Concept

The open shelving concept has worked for me so far. I do have a tendency of switching things around from time to time but that’s just me.

Next it was time to get the remaining cabinets in. Those being my corner sink base and cabinet on remaining side. I purchased them at

Remaining cabinets

Don’t laugh at what I am using as counter top lol. It’s two boards. Hey, what can I say. It worked for the time being. My kitchen was starting to take some shape!

Painted cabinets

You are probably wondering what I finally did for a counter top. You will find that under Projects! It’s one of my “pride and joy” projects.

Until next time, enjoy browsing through my blog to get ideas for your own tiny house!!

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