Storage Stairs-Tiny House Storage Solution

Storage Stairs-Tiny House Storage Solution

When I decided to go tiny my family came up with various ideas that I could do for various things. One that always stuck with me was the idea for my stairs that came from my oldest son. He sent me a picture of an idea for a tiny house storage solution and I fell in love it.

How I came up with my own tiny house storage solution

Once the kitchen cabinets and fridge were where I wanted them I started to plan for the stairs. I had to take into consideration too where my TV hung on that same wall as I didn’t want to be running into it going up and down the stairs.

So took a measurement of the length from the end of my kitchen to where I wanted the stairs to end. I came up with the idea of raising my fridge and creating the storage for counter top oven underneath.

That is just the basic build of the pedestal. We reinforced it with 2×4’s underneath to give it stability. There is a piece of plywood under it as well. Sorry for no picture of that. My oldest grandson built the pedestal for me. I don’t have any upper body strength to handle my son in law’s nail gun so my grandson did that part.

The oven is not light, so bringing it down and putting it back above the fridge just wasn’t working. This would work better for me. It also helped to create two of the steps up to my loft.

From the fridge out I basically created various sized boxes which would create the storage for my clothing and whatnot. The bottom step would be a drawer to house my shoes.

Once I had the measurements I started drawing out on the wall exactly where each brace would go, using my level and pencil. Then I could make any necessary adjustments that would happen to come up.

Beginning framework of the tiny house storage solution
Beginning Framework

Once the framework was started the boxes were fairly easy to measure and cut. I started from the bottom and worked my way up. It was coming along very nicely.

Once I got this far I had to add the two remaining bottom steps in order to be able to finish the top ones.

I had put some of my clothes in various cubbies to test it out. These stairs were gonna work out perfectly!

Adding the final touches

Once I had completed this part of the stairs they sat for a bit until I decided how I wanted to finish them. Scrolling through Pinterest one day I saw the idea of using stair treads and beadboard. I fell in love! But of course my stairs weren’t your normal size so each tread had to be custom made either smaller or much bigger; especially the one that was above my fridge. That one took two plus a little of one more to make it a full step. Let’s just say it’s like a mini landing coming down from the loft.

Once I had all the stair treads made it was time to stain them. I decided on a dark walnut which would contrast perfectly to the white beadboard that was going underneath.

Adding the final touches to the tiny house storage solution
Dark Walnut Stained Treads

Once all the treads were stained I gave them each 3 coats of satin polyurethane. They came out gorgeous!!

The final look of the tiny house storage solution
Stained treads with beadboard

When I completed my stairs I showed my son. I told him these were your idea. I just brought them to life. He was just as excited as I was. Even though it was a lot of work for one person, I enjoyed every minute of it!

Until next time my friends. Have a great day!!


      1. I apologize for the delay in my response. The stairs cost me roughly $250 to build. That doesn’t include hardware, screws and glue. I hope this helps you. Let me know if I can be of anymore help.

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