Insulation Nightmare

Insulation Nightmare

I’m gonna tell you about the ordeal I faced with my insulation. I want to remind you that I am not by any means a professional. I learned as I went. Please keep that in mind when reading this 😉

It was suggested to me that I use the foam board insulation as it was easier to install and less expensive. So with that in mind, I proceeded with installing it in my ceiling for starters. I had already insulated my walls with the traditional fiberglass insulation so all I had left was my ceiling.

The Foam board I used

I gave it time to get cooled off inside with the AC running. I waited until the next day when the sun was right overhead of my house during the hottest part of the day. This foam board was not working to my expectations. It didn’t feel any different inside like I had hoped. So I decided to go back to my original plan and install the fiberglass insulation. In doing so it made a huge difference in the temperature inside during the hottest part of the day.

After a few months of having installed the insulation, I happened to look up and saw a wet spot right at the peak of my ceiling. I though, what is that? It hasn’t been raining, thinking possibly I had a leak. So I got in contact with Audie at Portable Buildings and told him what was going on. I had taken a picture of it and even he was scratching his head. He sent out one of the workers to have a look. He got up on the roof to make sure I didn’t have any leaks. Nope. No sign of one.

This went on for a while. It progressively got worse until it got to the point it had started dripping in places. Now during this time we were contacting everybody we knew about this in what it could possibly be. Audie sent out two more guys and they walked away scratching their heads.

Just so you know my roof is shingles and not metal.

So the only fix Audie could come up with was to put a ridge vent the full length of my building on my roof. He put me in touch with his guy and we set up the appointment to have it done.

I noticed a difference almost immediately. So when it came time to drywall my ceiling, the guy told me what I needed to do. Yes it brought down the peak of my ceiling but that was OK. It’s 12 ft high anyway. A few inches wouldn’t make that big of a difference.

After the guy had finished installing the ridge vent he told me he figured out what my problem was. I have too much insulation in my ceiling. I had never heard of such a thing but being a newbie I chalked it to a learning experience.

When I had installed the fiberglass insulation I should have removed the foam board before hand. Lesson learned.

Hopefully when you read about my nightmarish experience you won’t make the same mistake I did.


  1. Hi iam about to do insulation boards on the ceiling my concern and question is did u glue it directly to the ceiling? Or stapled it up leaving space behind?

    1. It was glued. There was also space around each piece. From what I was told after the fact, that when I added the fiberglass insulation it created a problem as having too much insulation so I didn’t have enough ventilation. That’s why I had to have the ridge vent put on the top of my house and lower my ceiling to create an attic so to speak. Haven’t had a single problem since.

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