Hanging Desk

Hanging Desk

A few months ago my oldest son suggested that I write about my adventure in finishing the inside of my tiny house. I really started thinking about this. But being in a tiny house I had limited space to set up a computer and what not. So back to Pinterest I went. I began my search for something that would work. I didn’t need anything big and bulky because I had an all in one computer.

I ran across this one pin that showed a desk that hangs on the wall with the writing area that folds up and out of the way. Hmmm. Could I make this work for what I needed? Of course I could lol.

I measured the space that I had left next to my bathroom door. It was going to work perfectly.

I set out for Home Depot. I bought 2 1x10x6ft boards. I was excited. This meant I got to use my Kreg jig for making the pocket holes. I love that little tool.

I cut two boards at 36 inches for the width and two boards at 24 inches for the height.

My boards

Then I laid them out to put in the pocket holes to attach them. I had the base part completed.

The completed base.

Then I cut a 1×2 the length of the inside of the base to give it stability and to also be able to hang on the wall.

Back brace for stability

Unfortunately I didn’t take anymore pictures but what I did next was cut the remaining 1×6 to size for inside for my computer to sit on. Then I had cut holes in the shelf and the bottom to be able to slide the cords through.

Next it was time to sand and stain it. I wanted it to match the other wood projects in my house so I stained it a dark walnut with three coats of satin clear coat.

Then came time to hang it on the wall. I put 4 75lb anchors into the drywall. I was making darn sure it wasn’t coming down.

Hanging desk

Now I needed to make the writing area. I measured the entire desk area and cut a piece of 1/2 plywood to fit. I had two choices on what I wanted to use to hold it at writing level. One was folding door hinges or hook eyes and chain. I went with the hook eyes and chain. I chose black chain.

Finished desk

I love it! It works perfectly.


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