The Ceiling

The Ceiling

When it came time to do my ceiling we were all dreading it because we knew it was going to be a pain the backside. Full sheets of drywall are not light and to get them up a ladder to a 12ft tall ceiling was not going to be easy. Unfortunately renting a drywall lift just wasn’t isn’t my budget so I had to ask my three older grandsons to help on this one.

The first round of drywall wasn’t too bad. These went on the part just above where the walls end.

The middle of my older 3 grandsons

I even helped on these on the opposite wall. I had the stairs to help me out there😊.

Next came the ones that went above the first ones. Those weren’t easy. It took both the oldest and the middle of my grandsons to do these. They would balance the drywall on their heads to get it in position then one would hold it and the other put the screws in.

The olders of the 3

All I could do from my end on the ground was pray they didn’t lose their balance and fall.

They got this far and had to quit because the oldest had to go to work.

But they were making progress

My ceiling sat like this for a couple weeks because our work schedules weren’t cooperating in us having the same days off.

Finally we caught a break and added a little more.


I then had to ask the youngest of the three oldest to help. So he came out and we put him to work. Doing the ceiling in the loft we easy compared to the downstairs.

He’s holding the drywall up with his hands and using his head πŸ˜‰

After the loft ceiling was done I then had to get involved with the remaining two pieces that were left. Two of us would hold the drywall up while the other would screw it to the ceiling. That was no easy job. We took a little break from that and finally got the last one up.

Finished ceiling!!

My ceiling was finally finished!! My oldest being the stubborn one, also completed the task and installed my ceiling fan for me too.

Ceiling fan.

I went to bed that night a very happy camper. I had been staring at insulation for almost 2 years and it was finally covered up. Thank you boys!! I really appreciate all the help you have given me! 😘


  1. Doing drywall boarding when alone is a lot simpler when you simply build 2 support legs made of 1×4 strapping and supporting your 4x sheets above your head.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I saw something like that is my research but I opted to have my grandsons do it for me. I don’t have any upper body strength. Never have.I will keep this mind if I ever run across a need for it again πŸ˜‰

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