The Loft Craziness

The Loft Craziness

When I had first got my building, the loft area was used for storage. It was mainly stuff I didn’t have space for because all I had were bare walls. Over time I either threw stuff away, gave it to my daughter or donated it. Never realized just how much stuff I had until then. WOW!!

If you have been reading my posts you will have come across the one about my insulation nightmare. After having the ridge vent installed I had to create a small air space down the center of my building. That entailed raising the outside vents and lowering my ceiling about 6-8 inches. It was no big deal for the downstairs but when it came to my loft area it took away head room. So I really had to think about this.

Luckily it wasn’t as much as I had thought. I was still able to put a mattress up there and sit upright on it without hitting my head. Whew!! I think I got lucky there.

After getting the ceiling up throughout my house, it was time to do the remaining top of the walls in the front and back. The back being my loft. I could easily manage doing the loft by myself. At first I started with the middle thinking that would be the easiest. I ended up cutting that piece in half to be able to handle it easier. Yes it was easier to handle but holy crap, cutting out the holes for the outlet and switch were quite the pain!! But I managed it. Getting the angles right for the top wasn’t an easy job either. What I had to do was to trim as I went along to get it to fit.

Mission accomplished!

The second piece was a little easier. The two end pieces? Well that was a different story.

I’m really bad with angles so I had to come up with a way to get the angles right for the two end pieces.

Red arrow shows angles I’m referring to

So what I did was, I took a piece of paper and made folds along the edges to get as close as possible to what they needed to be.

Mission accomplished!

Now when it came to doing the holes for the light fixtures I used a plastic dish the same size as the circle box. I measured up the bottom and in from the side. Worked out great!

Cutting all these holes and angles took much longer than I had anticipated but the back wall’s drywall is finally finished!!


I am very happy with the results of this. I cant wait to get to the mudding of this wall and start on finishing up more of my loft. Until next time… Have a great day!!

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