Ginormous Nightmare Wall

This past week my oldest adopted grandson, Alberto, framed in the top part of south end wall above the front door. The right side of this wall, as your facing the door, has been nothing but a nightmare from the very beginning. When we put up the sheet of drywall the first time we noticed that the three switches were sitting pretty far back inside the wall. By the time we had put that piece up we were all pretty tired and just said we’ll deal with it later. When later came we took the sheet down to make sure we didn’t accidently have something behind it causing the switches to be so far behind it. Nope. nothing. So we put it back up and I dealt with it for the time being.

Back to getting the framing up. When I had ordered my building it had originally had two barn doors on the front. Well since this was going to be a tiny house I had a front door put in. This is why we had to frame above it to have something to attach the drywall to. Alberto had that job to do.

Alberto taking measurements with Lacey and Gidget supervising

Once he got all his measurements, he went out and did all the cutting and nailed up the 2×4’s.

In case you’re wondering, the vent at the very top got raised up so as not to block ventilation. 😉

On my next days off I began putting up the drywall. I went ahead and pieced it in with the scraps we had leftover. Made some space in the shed with doing that lol.

First 2 pieces up!!
Almost there!!

When it came to the top middle, I had Alberto do that part. He’s taller that I am.

Now let me tell you about that right side of this wall. When I got ready to put up that first piece it was about a 1/2 inch in too far. Believe me when I say I was scratching my head on that one. Only thing I could figure is that they had somehow found a 2×4 that was exactly 2×4. Still boggles my mind.

Any who, I had to put wood pieces behind the drywall to bring it out to match up with the rest of the wall. Hence, the nightmare wall.

Finished drywall!
First coat of mud!!

Now when it came time to start mudding, I started off just fine until it came to the nightmare section. I won’t lie. There are some spots where the mud is pretty thick. So obviously it took much longer to dry. I actually gave it a couple of days to make sure the second coat was dry before I started painting.

When it came time to paint, I didn’t have any problems there. Easy, peasy.

When I got done with the second coat of paint, I stood back in my kitchen and looked at my finished work and said, “HOLY CRAP!!! THAT WALL IS GINORMOUS!!” 😲😲

Ginormous Wall!

I had my daughter come out and take a look and she said the exact same thing. I told her I needed to come with some way of breaking up all that space. So I came up with putting a piece of trim across it above the door.

Wall trim

It definitely made a huge difference.

Thank goodness that ginormous nightmare wall is done. The moulding will be next, but that’s another post.

I hope you had a few chuckles at my expense lol. As I have said, I’m no professional and what mistakes I make I live with 😉

Until my next post, have an awesome day and stay safe!!


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