Ginormous Wall Conquered

After completing that ginormous wall, I had to come up with something to spruce it up. Back to Pinterest I went looking for ideas. Since my decor is Farmhouse Style, I thought what about a big wreath? Then, what do I make it out of? Grapevine? Straw? Greenery? Oh the decisions. 😵

So I started by making a list of what I wanted on it as far as ribbon, flowers and of course what colors. Well, I came up with this: Magnolias are one of my all time favorite flowers and my colors are light blush pink and a light mint green. So I came up with using big magnolia flowers, splashes of lavender, eucalyptus leaves, they’re kind of fuzzy too, and small splashes of little pink and white flowers.

My ribbon took the longest to decide on. I knew I wanted the burlap with lace down the center. I had finally found one with white lace down the center. Then my daughter found one with the lace in a light mint green. Perfect! I still needed a ribbon with some color. Again, my daughter finds the perfect ribbon. Has little roses on it in all my colors.

Then it was time to build and assemble it. This was the fun part. I had a blast making the bow.

Finished wreath

I couldn’t stop looking at it. LOVE the way it turned out. Then it came time to hang it on the ginormous wall. So I went out to my shed and found a very long screw, did my measuring and hung it up. Perfection!!! Fits perfectly.

Ginormous wall conquered!

Now I want to make more.😄 I’m thinking about one for Christmas. 🤔

I’m going to put something on each side of the wreath but haven’t decided what yet. Back to Pinterest I will go.

Until my next post, stay safe and take care!


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