Countertop Finish

Countertop Finish

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When I was designing my kitchen I wanted a Farmhouse look to it. I looked and looked at countertops for which seemed like forever. I just couldn’t find what I had in mind. Until one day I was going through Pinterest and saw where you could make your own and do an awesome countertop finish. So the hunt was on. What exactly did I want and how could I create it?

Going through all the designs and DIY projects I came to the conclusion that I wanted tongue and groove boards as my countertop. Then came the task of how to build it.

In a previous post I already explained how I did just that. The next task was how to finish it so I wouldn’t have to deal with the crumbs and what not getting in the grooves. It was suggested to me that I put an epoxy resin over it.

So onto YouTube I went researching how I would go about do this and how difficult it is to work with etc. Upon my searching I discovered that it’s not hard to work with. You just need patience.

What I used can be found at

To get the same as what I did go to

Prepping the Countertop

In these pictures I had already stained my countertop. But what I didn’t know was I had to use a water based stain instead of oil based. I contacted the company I bought the resin from and told them of my dilemma. They got back to me right away. It was an easy fix. Just added a couple extra steps in this process.

I had to go ahead and put a water based urethane finish on the countertop then when I was ready to pour the resin I had to go over it with 300 grit sandpaper to rough it up a bit so the resin had something to grab onto. After sanding I had to use a 90% or higher alcohol to wipe the surface clean of the dust.

91% Alcohol

Prepping the area

Once I had it completely wiped down, next came prepping the area to protect my sink, cabinets and floor. Working with epoxy resin is messy so protect anything you DON’T want the resin on. If you do happen to drip some, IMMEDIATELY wipe it up with the alcohol.

That’s my daughter helping me cover the areas I don’t want the epoxy resin on. She was actually taping puppy pads in my sink to protect it lol. I had her helping me because she has more experience using resin than I do. She did the measuring, mixing and stirring of it.


The mixture has to be exact so make sure you are on a level surface when measuring otherwise it will be sticky and not cure properly. You also need to make sure you have enough mixed to create at least an 1/8 in thick layer.

When mixing the 2 components together it’s very important that you stir it for the time stated; 5 minutes. If you don’t, this will also cause stickiness.

These pictures show what happens when the components are not measured correctly or stirred long enough and when not enough was mixed to create that 1/8 inch layer.

Yes, we had a boo boo. But luckily when I contacted the company they gladly told me how to fix it.

Finished Countertop Finish

So here is the finished look! I absolutely love it!! It looks just like glass.

I will do a follow up post on the questions I have received and hope it will answer some of your questions as well. So stay tuned for that!!

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