Loft Railing-Safety First

Loft Railing-Safety First

When I had envisioned my tiny house with a loft for my sleeping area, what came to mind was a white loft railing going across the full width up to the staircase. For awhile my loft was a storage area for just about everything I owned. As time went on I had started cleaning it out to make room for my bed and to be able to have some type of storage up there too. But, how was I going to make this custom sized railing? I needed a loft railing for safety. I gave this a lot of thought and did a lot of measuring and I finally came up with a plan.

Loft Railing Planning

I planned for each mini post if you will, to be a certain distance apart. I knew I wanted a white board/molding going across the top of the mini posts. Next, I had to figure out how to attach the mini posts to the floor in order for it to be stable and safe. The light bulb goes off!

Beginning of railing
Beginning of railing

The posts are 1 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch x 36 inch wood dowels. I had purchased 7 and cut each one into thirds; 12 inches. I purchased the dowels from In order to attach them to the floor I used Steel Dowel Screws. This took a bit to screw each one into each dowel. On the floor I attached a 3 1/2 inch wide pine board and screwed that down. Then I attached each post to that board. When It came time to attach the top board it got a little bit more time consuming as I had to make sure each post was level and straight. I laid the board across the posts. Then, one at a time, I leveled and nailed each post to the top board.

First top board
Nailing board to posts

Yes, it was time consuming. But the result was exactly as I had envisioned!!

Finished Railing
Finished Railing!

Front Loft Molding

I was going to hold off and do the molding under the railing for another post. But I won’t keep you in suspense.

Obviously when I did the railing I had not even begun any painting. In the next pictures my painting has been done.

For the molding across the front of the loft I used 8 inch wide pine boards. This time I painted them first before going up.

Molding Boards
Loft Molding Boards

Due to fact that I didn’t have access to a truck I had to get boards that were only 6 feet long. But no worries there. Caulking fixes everything lol.

I had my other oldest grandson do these. The first one went up just fine. I mean afterall, it was only 6 feet long. The next one was a different story. It butted up against the stair case and went across the stairs in front of the loft. It took him a minute to figure out how he was going to cut it. Luckily there was a gap just big enough for a piece of paper to slide in between to draw a template. All he had to do then was take measurements. I think he did a great job!

Molding Corners
Molding Corners

I love it!! All one piece!!

Loft Front Molding
Loft front molding

What’s that old saying? It’s all in the details! Molding really adds to the overall look of things and gives it that finished look. LOVE how it turned out!!

Now on to the next project!!

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