The posts I will share will be the challenges I faced by going tiny and how I came up with my ideas. At a later date I will also share little woodworking projects that I will either sell or inspire you to create yourself.

My main focus will be the Tiny House community. Share my adventure of deciding to go “Tiny” and building my tiny house.

Going tiny does have it’s challenges. One big challenge is storage. I’m hoping to help you overcome those by posting what I came up with for myself.

About 3 years ago my daughter talked me into going tiny seeing how it was just myself and my dogs. She suggested I get a building, put it on her property and finish out the inside to what I needed and wanted. I thought about this for a few months and decided to go ahead with it.

Now mind you I have no construction experience whatsoever. However I do have family members who do and of course there is YouTube and Pinterest which I used ALOT!! I also come from a family of woodworkers, DIYers and craftsman. So with all that, I was able to finish out the inside of a barn shaped 12×24 building with a loft as my tiny house and I LOVE IT!!!!

My oldest son gave me the idea to start my blog. To share my ideas, experiences, trial and errors, etc. I didn’t run with it for a while because in my mind I can’t write to save my behind. But, here I am.

I am the mother of 3 wonderful children. A daughter 37, and two sons 34 and 19. I’m also grandma to 12 grandchildren; two of which are friends of my oldest grandson that adopted me as their grandma. Love them as if they were my own.

In my adventure of finishing the inside of my tiny house, I discovered an underlying love of woodworking. Going tiny I’ve had to create different pieces that would otherwise cost a fortune to buy due to it having to be custom made. In doing so, one gets an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment when completed. I will be sharing those posts along with pictures.

A second love I have is working in my yard. When putting my building on my daughter’s property, it gave me an actual yard to do what I please with. My daughter didn’t inherit the green thumb so I grow stuff for her. She isn’t allowed to touch it though. She has a love for lilies, so I created an entire flower bed of various kinds in her favorite colors. She loves it!!

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